Dawn Quesenberry

She was born and raised in Eden NY and lived there until she moved to Silver Creek. A year after graduating from high school she went to Millard Filmore school of nursing and received her LPN degree and being licensed after passing the state boards. Upon graduating she started working at Lake Shore Nursing Home in that capacity for the next sixteen years, which is why she moved to Silver Creek. During that time, she met my husband Mike and they were married and have two daughters, Nicoal who is 31, and Elizabeth who is 30. In 1990 they bought a house and moved to Angola, where they still have the house and their youngest daughter lives there, Nicoal lives in North Tonawanda. In 2000 she left the nursing home and went to work at a doctor’s office, where she worked for four years. She had not been raised in the church growing up, so when Mike and Dawn met they did start going, mostly to have a place to get married in. After that they started attending at Eden UMC, where they continued until she filled in as lay pulpit fill at Versailles UMC. In 2004 she was offered a job at another doctor’s office and it was a continuation of God at work in her life. She took the job and her faith journey continued. She was filling in at Versailles and working at the doctor’s office when she got the call to ministry. Through prayer and discernment, she felt called to the Licensed Local Pastor path and went through that with her mentor. After completing the process and being approved by DCOM (District Committee on Ministry), she was appointed to Protection and Delevan UMC where she served for three years.  Through discernment, she determined that she would let go of the nursing and go to fulltime pastoring. It was then that she was appointed to St. Paul of West Valley in addition to Delevan where she has been for the last five years. It placed her in just one district versus being in two districts as she was previous to this appointment. Which brings her to now and God’s calling her to move to Olean and serve at Olean Trinity and Rivers Edge UMC. We am looking forward to our journey together.

  June 2021  
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